our simple one-page web sites have a menu and sections, just like a normal site…

Your site could be broken down into sections for: introduction and main message, about you, your products or services and contact us.


The format is very flexible, so get in touch and let us know what you want.

Do keep it simple


We recommend you keep the site clean and simple, minimal text and visually appealing. The site is your on-line presence and is designed to pique your clients' interest and urge them to get in touch.

Don't give it up so easily!


Don't put absolutely everything you know or offer on your web site. If visitors think everything is here, they won't get in touch to ask questions or find out more. Keep them interested and make them come back for more.



Gratuitous demo images are used throughout.

All images © Kevin Simpson - all rights reserved.

If you'd like Kevin to take some photos for you, please get in touch.

who we are…

Kinɘtik™ is a small graphic design and pint  business specialising in producing great looking stuff that will not only help you sell your products and services, but make your business look like a serious player and you like you take it seriously.


Kevin owns and runs kinetik; he's a qualified designer and photographer and  has almost 30 years experience in the graphics and print industry.






Gratuitous image.

what we do…

Great stuff! Design for print,  logo design, web sites, e‑publications, branding. Kinɘtik has helped many small businesses start up, so Kevin knows all the tricks; from cheap but great web hosting and email, to land line telephone numbers that work on your mobile,
for £2.50 per month.


We're printers, too. We can print anything from great-looking business cards that will show your business in its best light, to books, brochures, leaflets, flyers and everything else.


More gratuitous pictures:

It's important to use a real designer and quality printer: The stuff Kinɘtik produces will work for the money you spend and show you a return. We know how to make your printed material get results, and that skill is probably not in your repertoire.


You do your job, and we'll do ours!

It's easy to keep information current and correct, change details and contact numbers, and keep the site relevant to your visitors.


We will give you the appropriate log-in details and password if you ask.


If you come to the site and it's looking a little dishevelled or if you dishevel it yourself – don't worry, just let us know; we'll re-upload and make it beautiful again.

Gratuitous image by Kev

© All rights reserved

edit this site…

We've designed this site so you can see how easy it is to edit your new site yourself.


Using only your web browser, you can log in and edit text and images. You can't add images, but you can change and swap existing images. Similarly, you can't add pages, but you can edit the ones that are there.

how much will it cost



Single page site, with sections, like this, similar amount of text and graphics, responsive and mobile compatible


Perfect for businesses that people search for on phones and tablets



Single page site, with sections, like this, similar amount of text and graphics, responsive and mobile compatible. Mechanisms put in place inside and outside the site to optimise for search engines



Multi-page site.


£380 for the first page then £120 for each additional page, minimum 4 pages.


Any format, size or shape! Get in touch to find out more.

You only need provide us with some photos and basic text in bullet point format, we'll write it properly for you. If you don't have photos, we can obtain them from image libraries.


We can help you nab a great web address that suits your business, and arrange hosting and real email for less that £50 per year. You pay for it, you own it, you're in control.

get in touch…

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Demo web site: It is designed for clients to test out our in-browser editing facility. If you find the site dishevelled please let us know - we'll re-upload.